8 cool features they are adding in modern day cars

As the technological evolution made its grounds in the modern-day century, every industry is coming out from their shells and forging the market with their new innovations and some cool things. This embarks a new decade for the automobile industry as with these evolvements, the cars of today have a lot cool features as compared with the typical cars dating back to 60s and 70s like built in Wi-Fi, emergency kits and so much more with easily user accessible interfaces. Following are some.

1.Built in Wi-fi Hotspots: A vast number of large manufacturers like GMC, Chevrolet and now even manufacturers like Suzuki and Toyota have also given the support of built in Wi-Fi in their economic cars to allow drivers and their passengers to access the world of Internet through Mobile, Laptops and Tablets all the way across the journey. Just make sure you don’t use them while driving.

2.Cameras: As the tech is evolving and as we all know, parking a car is not an easy job. But some of the large manufacturers have put in their efforts and added cameras which are on the back and even on the front to make sure car is parked right and safe especially with the parallel parking.

3.Comfortable NASA approved car seats: Recently, Nissan has made a duo with NASA and made zero-gravity seats that align with your spine, thus giving you the utmost comfortableness at any position you would like to sit and also maintains a natural posture.

4.Lance Centring Brakes and Cameras: Cars like Ford Fusion and Toyota Prius have come with this great feature. You don’t have to worry about keeping your car in the centre of the road, avoiding you from getting on those yellow lanes which utilizes the onboard cameras feature.
5.Efficient Engines: As we look back into the vehicles of the 70s and 80s, we might not find the best engines when it comes to fuel consumption.

But, if you look around in the modern cars of today, the engines have become so efficient, for example, in the 2015 Chrysler 200 Sedan and 2015, Honda Fit, they are starting to go 30 miles per gallon which is pretty good and affordable for efficient vehicles like these.

6.GPS: It’s been decades since the Global Positioning System is installed in the cars but with that evolvement, the new GPS systems are coming in the cars with Real Time Traffic Feature which analyse the Traffic around you and tells you the best way with no traffic and helps you move faster by spotting any accident, weather events or any kind of on-going construction on the road.

7.Easy Access to your Phones: Within the LCD panels installed, you can easily have access to your android or iPhone without going around just by Android Auto and CarPlay for easy, safe access. Both are being built-in by a ton of car makers into a number of dashboards, but you can also buy a hybrid navigation system for the same purpose.

8.Surround Sound Speakers: Most of the drivers have a craze for the actual surround sound feels while driving, with deepest bass and sickest beat drops for the hyped-up drives.