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The Shift To Making Electric Cars By Brands Such As Porsche

Porsche has entered the electric car market with their new car the ‘Taycan’. It’s a powerful car with a huge price tag. At almost twice the cost of the Tesla Model S base price, it might be hard to say that Porsche is ready to compete with Tesla on their own turf. Porsche putting this much effort, however, into an electric vehicle can’t be understated. And soon, Tesla is going to be competing with every other car maker in the industry.

As of 2018 the EV cars market is at almost $40 billion. That’s a big number, but nowhere near where it’s estimated to be by 2025: $1.5 trillion [1]. It’s a mind boggling number to think about. Certainly bigger than the entire auto industry in the United States today. To think of what that will mean for the future of the auto industry is hard to fathom.

Tesla, meanwhile, has a head start on everyone as of today. It has multiple electric models on freeways and roads in every major city across the U.S., and they are constantly unveiling new models, including the most recent Cybertruck. They do have their competition though. Nissan has had a very successful run with their electric model, the ‘Leaf’. BMW and Jaguar also have their electric models on the roads today. Toyota’s own hybrid, the ‘Prius’, has been an amazingly successful car. No car has been a more popular choice to own in the peer-to-peer ridesharing scene. Pretty much anyone is has used Uber has ridden in a Prius.

The excitement consumers show for electric cars is evidence enough that this market is here to stay. And more than that, it’s going to just explode. The auto industry has always been huge in size and now that it is incorporating companies that are doing research into solar and battery powered technologies, it’s just an opportunity for people to show their excitement as consumers and buyers of these products. Companies like Porsche, BMW, and Jaguar are recognizing this potential. It’s also quite possible that these higher end luxury vehicle companies are the right types companies to blaze the trail for everyone else. The high initial price tags that these cars are coming out with might be less of a blow to consumers who are used to buying Jaguars and BMWs.

Having more companies enter the electric vehicle market is a good thing. It means more competition and thus more research money going into something that everybody wants. It means that starting today, every new electric vehicle that comes onto the market is going to have some new feature that we have never seen before. It also means that prices will come down very quickly as production of electric cars becomes a bigger and bigger source of revenue. To ask whether or not it is wise for these carmakers to try to get into the electric vehicle market and try to compete with Tesla is probably the wrong question to ask. A more appropriate question would be, given the direction the industry is now taking, how can they afford not to?


“Personal Electric Vehicle EV Cars Market Size is Expected to Exhibit USD 1.5 trillion by 2025,” Market Watch. Published: 09/16/19.

The 5 best and most expensive vintage cars

Car models have been using timestamps since the invention of the internal combustion engine. Successive generations have paired memorable experiences with the car models of the respective era. This is why cars are normally classified according to the year of manufacture.

The automobile has not been spared in the technological revolution that has its tentacles in every sphere of human life. From the highly manual contraptions of the early twentieth century, cars have slowly transformed into marvels that need little human input at the controls. Currently, we have trials for futuristic cars that will relegate the owner into a mere passenger.

However, old habits die hard. With all the trinkets that are a common feature in newer upgrades, there is a parallel clamor for the cars that have since been axed from the production line. Some call them antiques, classics or vintage cars. These cars don’t come cheap. In keeping with market principles, their scarcity has forced their values to shoot right through the roof. We roll back the times and pluck few relics that have been valued at jaw-dropping rates

1. 1962 Shelby Cobra CSX2000 – $13.75m

Our first pick has to be in tune with the American motoring soul. The love for muscle cars is synonymous with the American dream. This model rolled off the conveyor belt in the hippy years. The sixties were characterized by a wave of liberalism that ushered in a carefree attitude. Fast cars, partying and self-expression were the hallmark of this decade. The Shelby Cobra was a gem that made a name for itself during this period. This car is also the first to have been built by the legendary Carroll Shelby and his team.

2. 1964 FordGT40 prototype – $7m

The second pick can be classified as a brainchild of the father of the mass-produced car. The Ford GT40 prototype was Henry Ford’s answer to the muscle car craze that had gripped the masses with a vice-like grip. To add to its credentials, this car raced in iconic global events including Le Mans, Daytona, Nassau, and Monza. It featured a 4.2L aluminum engine and a gearbox capable of handling the 350BHP.

3. 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 “super snake” – $5,115m

The super snake is yet another masterpiece from the Carroll Shelby stable. Having built it for himself, he wanted to see just how fast it could go. This is affirmed by its output of almost 1000HP. Only two were built.

4. 1967 Corvette L88S coupe – $3.85m

This Corvette was purpose built in 1967 for the ultimate speed buff. With little extras, it was mechanically assembled to blitz through any competitor in a quarter mile drag race. Its lack of creature comforts like a radio, heater or air conditioning stressed the mindset of the designers.

5. 1971 Hemi uda convertible – $3.5m

This stunning piece of automotive engineering was also known as “the Holy grail of muscle cars” it is one of the only remaining ones that have all the original parts.

These are just but five of the priciest classic cars out there. A common feature running through the five is the number of units made. Even during their production years, these cars were expensive and were owned by men and women of means. It is noteworthy that most have undergone various modifications over time. This is necessary to have them running.

8 cool features they are adding in modern day cars

As the technological evolution made its grounds in the modern-day century, every industry is coming out from their shells and forging the market with their new innovations and some cool things. This embarks a new decade for the automobile industry as with these evolvements, the cars of today have a lot cool features as compared with the typical cars dating back to 60s and 70s like built in Wi-Fi, emergency kits and so much more with easily user accessible interfaces. Following are some.

1.Built in Wi-fi Hotspots: A vast number of large manufacturers like GMC, Chevrolet and now even manufacturers like Suzuki and Toyota have also given the support of built in Wi-Fi in their economic cars to allow drivers and their passengers to access the world of Internet through Mobile, Laptops and Tablets all the way across the journey. Just make sure you don’t use them while driving.

2.Cameras: As the tech is evolving and as we all know, parking a car is not an easy job. But some of the large manufacturers have put in their efforts and added cameras which are on the back and even on the front to make sure car is parked right and safe especially with the parallel parking.

3.Comfortable NASA approved car seats: Recently, Nissan has made a duo with NASA and made zero-gravity seats that align with your spine, thus giving you the utmost comfortableness at any position you would like to sit and also maintains a natural posture.

4.Lance Centring Brakes and Cameras: Cars like Ford Fusion and Toyota Prius have come with this great feature. You don’t have to worry about keeping your car in the centre of the road, avoiding you from getting on those yellow lanes which utilizes the onboard cameras feature.
5.Efficient Engines: As we look back into the vehicles of the 70s and 80s, we might not find the best engines when it comes to fuel consumption.

But, if you look around in the modern cars of today, the engines have become so efficient, for example, in the 2015 Chrysler 200 Sedan and 2015, Honda Fit, they are starting to go 30 miles per gallon which is pretty good and affordable for efficient vehicles like these.

6.GPS: It’s been decades since the Global Positioning System is installed in the cars but with that evolvement, the new GPS systems are coming in the cars with Real Time Traffic Feature which analyse the Traffic around you and tells you the best way with no traffic and helps you move faster by spotting any accident, weather events or any kind of on-going construction on the road.

7.Easy Access to your Phones: Within the LCD panels installed, you can easily have access to your android or iPhone without going around just by Android Auto and CarPlay for easy, safe access. Both are being built-in by a ton of car makers into a number of dashboards, but you can also buy a hybrid navigation system for the same purpose.

8.Surround Sound Speakers: Most of the drivers have a craze for the actual surround sound feels while driving, with deepest bass and sickest beat drops for the hyped-up drives.

Is It Worth Investing in a Gaming Laptop or Should You Build Your Own Computer?

As a gamer, hunting for a good gaming PC is as critical a process as choosing a spouse. Of course, you want a powerful CPU, an incredible GPU from NVIDIA or Radeon with VRAM of over 8GB, storage of 1TB HDD, a large enough RAM and some cool parts and accessories to go with it. Then the big question now is should you buy or build one? If you are stuck at that debate like many gamers do, here is all you need to know before you decide:

Buying a Gaming PC Pros

1.Price With the dawn of cryptocurrency, many people have turned to mining of Bitcoin and other currencies which needs powerful computing.

It has resulted in GPU and RAM becoming exorbitantly expensive and therefore building a gaming PC will cost you more than buying from manufacturers who buy parts in bulk and get lower prices.

2.Time As opposed to a quick search and purchase of a gaming laptop, you will spend considerable time buying the perfect parts and then putting it all together which needs a lot of patience.

3. Skills For starters, building a PC is not an option because of the skills required. It is not a walk in the park. You need to know what 144Hz display means and what overclocking means.

4. Warranty and Support If anything goes wrong with a bought gaming laptop, you can easily get support. You also are covered by the warranty unlike building your own where you are all you’ve got.

Cons· You only get limited features unlike if you customized it according to your needs

Upgrading your PC will not be easy as most of them are not future-proof unlike custom builds Building Your Own Computer


1. Customize to your Needs The biggest advantage is the ability to customize it according to your gaming needs. You can spend more on some aspects and cut down on the aspects you don’t need much. You can get more computing power easily.

2. Future-Proof As better components are released, you can easily upgrade your gaming PC without the worry of harming your system. You can easily get it from 1080P to 4K, unlike readymade systems. Upgradability is extremely advantageous for seasoned gamers.

3. Reusable Components In future, when you want to build another PC you can easily pick the components you need from your PC and reuse them, an advantage not possible for most bought gaming PCs. That will save you some cost in the long run.

4. Satisfaction For most experienced gamers, building your own PC gives you the greatest satisfaction ever. It is actually a rite of passage that is empowering and transitions you to a whole new level.


The cost may be higher as you purchase individual components and the accessories

You won’t have access to warranty and support in case need arises


The verdict is not as black and white as you may have thought. There is no preference so if you are starting out in gaming, then buying one is the best option while if you are an experienced gamer with the technical know-how then go ahead and build a revolutionary system. The pricing may vary so do your research on the components that you will need and compare.

Some of the electric vehicle competitors coming out against Tesla

There are a few electric cars that I would state contend extremely well with gas cars in their classes — are superior to gas cars in their classes — yet the issue is that very few individuals see it that way. To be perfectly honest, these other electric cars aren’t even on the radars of individuals who might presumably like them considerably more than the gas cars they drive. A large number of these individuals don’t know these electric models exist — or know so minimal about them that they wouldn’t considerably consider taking one on a test drive.

Tesla says more than 1 million individuals will purchase its electric cars yearly by 2020, a large number of them the Model 3 touching base on July 28. Given the present electric vehicle (EV) showcase, that goal is as yet far off.

In spite of the fact that it gets talked up a ton, the EV showcase presently can’t seem to dispatch. Offers of electric cars speak to only 1% of the record 17.55 million cars sold a year ago in the US. GM’s electric lead, the Chevy Bolt, hasn’t seen terrific deals notwithstanding bright surveys (GM declared it was stopping processing plant creation this late spring to help tidy stock up its parts). Different models aren’t precisely driving themselves off the part either.

In spite of this, Tesla is obviously to finish everything. The organization’s Model S cars and Model X SUVs represented the greater part of the EV advertise in the US in 2016, more than the following 12 models consolidated. Tesla itself is one of the world’s most significant carmakers only 14 years after its establishment as a Silicon Valley startup.

This may appear like unalloyed uplifting news for Tesla, however, it’s definitely not. For CEO Elon Musk, the opposition isn’t different EVs; it’s fuel motors. Tesla needs to go up against the ordinary auto market to survive, and it needs purchasers to surrender as a group from non-renewable energy sources. That is not happening, yet.
The dispatch of the Model 3, the organization’s initially mass-advertise electric vehicle, on July 28 will check the start (or maybe the end) of Musk’s journey to convey a moderate, better EV than the world’s garages and thruways. The $35,000 electric vehicle (before impetuses) has blended up a free for all of the enthusiasm since Tesla reported it in 2014, and more than 375,000 individuals forked over a $1,000 store to get on a sitting tight rundown for the auto.

Tesla must figure out how to pitch cars to drivers who still view electric vehicles with doubt or lack of interest, or it will waver under the weight of its exorbitant (and generally benefit less) extension. Up to this point, Musk had the breeze at his back. The organization’s stock cost took off (excessively, Musk has affirmed), and generation numbers were back on track after some uneven years. Be that as it may, in July, producing delays emerged. Restless financial specialists began to offer, and Tesla’s market top,

A current overview of 2,500 American found that 60% were still “unconscious of electric cars,” obscuring concerns, for example, extend or charging station accessibility. Here, even Musk’s dramatic artistry may not be sufficient to move the market. The business all in all should discover a business system that likens electric cars as something appropriate for any auto purchaser. When purchasers see an electric vehicle not as an alternate sort of auto, but rather as a superior one, at that point the market for EV can really take off.