Is It Worth Investing in a Gaming Laptop or Should You Build Your Own Computer?

As a gamer, hunting for a good gaming PC is as critical a process as choosing a spouse. Of course, you want a powerful CPU, an incredible GPU from NVIDIA or Radeon with VRAM of over 8GB, storage of 1TB HDD, a large enough RAM and some cool parts and accessories to go with it. Then the big question now is should you buy or build one? If you are stuck at that debate like many gamers do, here is all you need to know before you decide:

Buying a Gaming PC Pros

1.Price With the dawn of cryptocurrency, many people have turned to mining of Bitcoin and other currencies which needs powerful computing.

It has resulted in GPU and RAM becoming exorbitantly expensive and therefore building a gaming PC will cost you more than buying from manufacturers who buy parts in bulk and get lower prices.

2.Time As opposed to a quick search and purchase of a gaming laptop, you will spend considerable time buying the perfect parts and then putting it all together which needs a lot of patience.

3. Skills For starters, building a PC is not an option because of the skills required. It is not a walk in the park. You need to know what 144Hz display means and what overclocking means.

4. Warranty and Support If anything goes wrong with a bought gaming laptop, you can easily get support. You also are covered by the warranty unlike building your own where you are all you’ve got.

Cons· You only get limited features unlike if you customized it according to your needs

Upgrading your PC will not be easy as most of them are not future-proof unlike custom builds Building Your Own Computer


1. Customize to your Needs The biggest advantage is the ability to customize it according to your gaming needs. You can spend more on some aspects and cut down on the aspects you don’t need much. You can get more computing power easily.

2. Future-Proof As better components are released, you can easily upgrade your gaming PC without the worry of harming your system. You can easily get it from 1080P to 4K, unlike readymade systems. Upgradability is extremely advantageous for seasoned gamers.

3. Reusable Components In future, when you want to build another PC you can easily pick the components you need from your PC and reuse them, an advantage not possible for most bought gaming PCs. That will save you some cost in the long run.

4. Satisfaction For most experienced gamers, building your own PC gives you the greatest satisfaction ever. It is actually a rite of passage that is empowering and transitions you to a whole new level.


The cost may be higher as you purchase individual components and the accessories

You won’t have access to warranty and support in case need arises


The verdict is not as black and white as you may have thought. There is no preference so if you are starting out in gaming, then buying one is the best option while if you are an experienced gamer with the technical know-how then go ahead and build a revolutionary system. The pricing may vary so do your research on the components that you will need and compare.