The 5 best and most expensive vintage cars

Car models have been using timestamps since the invention of the internal combustion engine. Successive generations have paired memorable experiences with the car models of the respective era. This is why cars are normally classified according to the year of manufacture.

The automobile has not been spared in the technological revolution that has its tentacles in every sphere of human life. From the highly manual contraptions of the early twentieth century, cars have slowly transformed into marvels that need little human input at the controls. Currently, we have trials for futuristic cars that will relegate the owner into a mere passenger.

However, old habits die hard. With all the trinkets that are a common feature in newer upgrades, there is a parallel clamor for the cars that have since been axed from the production line. Some call them antiques, classics or vintage cars. These cars don’t come cheap. In keeping with market principles, their scarcity has forced their values to shoot right through the roof. We roll back the times and pluck few relics that have been valued at jaw-dropping rates

1. 1962 Shelby Cobra CSX2000 – $13.75m

Our first pick has to be in tune with the American motoring soul. The love for muscle cars is synonymous with the American dream. This model rolled off the conveyor belt in the hippy years. The sixties were characterized by a wave of liberalism that ushered in a carefree attitude. Fast cars, partying and self-expression were the hallmark of this decade. The Shelby Cobra was a gem that made a name for itself during this period. This car is also the first to have been built by the legendary Carroll Shelby and his team.

2. 1964 FordGT40 prototype – $7m

The second pick can be classified as a brainchild of the father of the mass-produced car. The Ford GT40 prototype was Henry Ford’s answer to the muscle car craze that had gripped the masses with a vice-like grip. To add to its credentials, this car raced in iconic global events including Le Mans, Daytona, Nassau, and Monza. It featured a 4.2L aluminum engine and a gearbox capable of handling the 350BHP.

3. 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 “super snake” – $5,115m

The super snake is yet another masterpiece from the Carroll Shelby stable. Having built it for himself, he wanted to see just how fast it could go. This is affirmed by its output of almost 1000HP. Only two were built.

4. 1967 Corvette L88S coupe – $3.85m

This Corvette was purpose built in 1967 for the ultimate speed buff. With little extras, it was mechanically assembled to blitz through any competitor in a quarter mile drag race. Its lack of creature comforts like a radio, heater or air conditioning stressed the mindset of the designers.

5. 1971 Hemi uda convertible – $3.5m

This stunning piece of automotive engineering was also known as “the Holy grail of muscle cars” it is one of the only remaining ones that have all the original parts.

These are just but five of the priciest classic cars out there. A common feature running through the five is the number of units made. Even during their production years, these cars were expensive and were owned by men and women of means. It is noteworthy that most have undergone various modifications over time. This is necessary to have them running.